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Workout For Mass: The Mass Building Workout Revealed.

Workout for mass facts

Workout For Mass: The Mass Building Workout

I cannot overstress how important it is that during you’re workout for mass that you do not over train. Over training can seriously ruin and destroy all your muscle building gains. It is very easy during your workout for mass to get carried away with enthusiasm, for example doing that extra set, doing those extra reps or that extra body workout.

But the honest truth is that if you over train you will see no gains in muscle mass regardless of the intensity of your workouts.

Planning your workout for mass

The first and most important step when planning your workout for mass to avoid over training is to look at the number of sets that you perform for each body part and then limit the number of those sets. Basically there is a tie in between your level of experience and the number of sets that should be performed in your muscle building workout. As a quick rule of thumb for building muscle mass if you have less than 6 months experience do no more than 5 to 6 sets for the large muscles for example legs, chest and back and no more than 3 to 4 sets for small muscle groups e.g arms and shoulders.

For Intermediate muscle builders with 6 to 8 months experience, your workout for mass can comprise of 6 to 8 sets for large muscle groups and 4 to 5 sets for small muscle groups.

Advanced level muscle builders should not perform more 10 to 12 sets for large muscle groups and 5 to 7 sets for small muscle groups.

If you are exceeding these numbers of sets in your workout for mass I am afraid you are over training and you are not going to reach your desired level of muscle mass. Another important facet that you need to be aware of when building muscle mass is the recouperation time. Always ensure that you give each trained muscle at minimum 42 to 72 hour rest before training that same muscle group again. Remember muscles are not built in the gym they are torn and broken down it is the recouperation time that aids them to grow back stronger and larger

Now then lets get started with a workout for mass.

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First remember these very important points to safely and effectively reach your muscle gain goals

  • Always have somebody spot you on heavy exercises i.e. squats and bench
  • Never miss a scheduled workout
  • Avoid doing forced reps apart from the last set
  • When you can do 5 reps without assistance on your final set increase the weight for the last set by up to 5 to 10 kgs
  • Always maintain strict exercise form.
Monday – ThursdaySetsReps
Hanging Leg Raises3 to 415
Squats615 – 5*
Leg Press412 – 5*
Leg Curls310 – 6*
Barbell Preacher Curls515 – 6*
Close Grip Bench Press515 – 6*
Calf Raises515 – 6*
Tuesday – Friday  
Crunches3 – 410 – 15
Incline Bench Press615 – 5*
Bar Dips (with weight)412 – 6*
Seated Pulley Rows615 – 5*
Lat Pull downs (to front)412 – 6*
Seated Barbell Shoulder Press512 – 5*
Upright Rows310 – 6*
Calf Raises615 – 6*
Wrist Curls410 – 15

*means pyramid these sets

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