Workout Routines For Men – How To Get Muscles

Workout Routines For Men –

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We specialize in workout routines for men. If you are looking at how to get muscles in the quickest time possible then you have come to the very best place here at Muscleblitz.

Muscleblitz started in 2003 and is run by a team of muscle building enthusiasts dedicated to bringing you the very best and most effective workout routines that pure and simply work.

We don’t hide behind desks pushing pens or pretending to be experts, like so many others on the internet. We are out there training hardcore, most days of the week. We eat, sleep and breathe muscle building and we are here for you.

We pride ourselves on providing serious no bullsh#t workout routines and muscle building advice for all levels of muscle builders from the beginner right through to the more advanced.

As you can see we don’t promote drugs but what we do provide are the very latest and effective natural muscle building workouts that work and build muscle fast!! We combined these routines with the latest and most up to date muscle building supplement facts and muscle diet advice so that you can reach your goals in extra quick time.

Just a little bit about myself, my name is David Welton. Having spent over  35 years weight training I totally understand how important it is to get the right information to tailor your muscle building workout to reach your end goals, whether it be mass building, losing bodyfat or building muscle.

In my early days and I am sure like alot of others I was blessed with poor genetics :(, narrow shoulders, pigeon chest and scrawny arms. Weight gain and in particular building muscle mass was very hard for me. I am not denying it was a long hard struggle of blood sweat & tears.

I was always classed as skinny kid at school and for the biggest share of my schooling days I was bullied, which also effected my self esteem which made me more determined to turn the tables and build a respected physique.

My main aim was to build muscle mass naturally without using muscle building steroids. It has been a long journey with many pitfalls along the way. But the muscle building workout routines and knowledge that I have learn’t over the last 30 years has been invaluable and I want to share this knowledge of how to build muscle fast with YOU.

I will show YOU how to build muscle in a matter of weeks, Yes tangible gains, without having to waste months and even years experimenting. Muscleblitz is devoted to YOUR epic muscle building journey.

If you need any workout routine advice or any specialized muscle building routines just drop me a line any time to [email protected]

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Ready To Get Started Building Muscle

That’s enough of the introduction, let’s get down to the masses of free workout information that we have for you, here are some good places to start

Voted  #1 Muscle Building Routine out of all workout routines for men

mi40x workout - Workout Routines For Men - How To Get Muscles
200% Faster Muscle Growth FULL REVIEW CLICK HERE
   There is a bizarre yet ultra effective muscle building routine that is set to revolutionize workout routines for men. This new hyper muscle growth workout routine is called Mi40X.

The Mi40x workout has been created by none other than Ben Pakulski, one of the top 100 bodybuilders in the world.  See our full Mi40X Review right here.

  The Mi40x workout utilizes a scientifically proven muscle building technique called CEP training (read how CEP training works), CEP being short for cell expansion protocol.
Now, this method of working out has been kept top secret and as such has only been available to professional bodybuilders and movie stars alike. The reason is quite simple, it is a game changer, and it is upsetting the major supplement companies worldwide. This simple but highly effective technique builds extreme amounts of muscle whilst burning body fat in an extremely short time frame without needing a strict diet, cardio work or a large amount of supplements.
Here are some of the benefits of Mi40x and why it rates as the one of the best workout routines for men:
  • This simple technique literally only takes 4 minutes to complete at the end of your last set
  • Constant muscle growth in a very short time frame due to the awesome CEP training technique (here’s how)
  • Whereas other traditional workout routines only give a temporary muscle pump applying the CEP training principles gives you a constant muscle pump all day long
  • Less time in the gym
  • The CEP training technique used in the Mi40x workout uses body fat to fuel your muscle gains. So the more body fat you burn the muscle you build
  • No need to have a bulking and cutting workout routine as the Mi40x builds muscle mass whilst stripping away body fat all in one workout!
  • No cardio work required
  • Full HD workout videos covering all the exercises
  • The Mi40x workout has flexibility built in to ensure it is suitable for all ages and genders from beginners, intermediates to advanced muscle builders

In studies the Mi40x workout using the CEP training principles has been shown to build muscle over 200% faster than traditional muscle building workouts

Is this workout routine the be all and end all Checkout our full independant Mi40x review


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