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Build Wide Lats with this Back Building Exercise

Build wide lats exercise

Build Lats with this Back Building Exercise

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Take a look at all the super heroes nothing impresses more than broad shoulders and wide lats. It is every bodybuilders aim to develop wide lats which taper down to a thin waist to give that powerful physique look.

When you look around the gym very few lifters know how to directly stimulate and isolate the lats to give tremendous muscle growth. 

In fact reading through all the information and philosophy handed down by the so called “muscle gurus” it is plain to see that it is actually stopping us from achieving those wide lats.

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You see traditionally we were told that the best back building exercise for wide lats is the wide grip pulldowns. Unfortunatley there are many drawbacks to wide grip chins particularly because they put greater stress on the traps, rhomboids and scapula muscles and leave the lats under stretched and undertrained.

However by making a simple tweak to this exercise your back muscle gain can be explosive. This tweak exerts maximum stress on the lats, forcing the lats to widen to give you that V taper. 

Killer Wide Lats Exercise 

There is a killer back building exercise that blasts those lats directly, stimulating new growth by attacking greater numbers of muscle fibers and that’s using a narrow grip with “V” bar attachment.

By using the “V” bar with a narrow grip the stretch you get in the top position is far superior than the wide grip pulldown. It also brings into play a greater number of muscle fibers. Ensure you pull the handle down to the chest to ensure the full lat region is called into play. This will take the emphasis away from the smaller supporting muscles.

We especially recommend this exercise switch particularly for hardgainers who are struggle to build wide lats. Most hardgainers tend to have thinner lat muscles so this training trick enables them to pull more weight and gain more lat muscle quickly.

Give it a try and feel the burn the day after!


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