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Want bigger arms and to build up your upper body

 I Want bigger arms


Now let’s get started, do you Want BIGGER ARMS?
Yeah, I know…who DOESN’T, right?
Genetically, my arms are one of my toughest muscle groups to hit!
But recently I ran an experiment and was able to add 1/2 of solid muscle to my arms in 3 weeks…  …and I didn’t even TRAIN them!

Want the secret?



For the experiment, I did 3 sets of squats and 3 sets of deadlifts for each of my workouts.
Yeah, I got stronger in these two exercises…but the shocking part was the extra growth I got in my ARMS as a result!
 Fact is, your arms will only get as big as your LEGS will allow.
Your body doesn’t like “imbalances” so trying to pump up your arms while ignoring “leg day” because you don’t think big legs are as “sexy” as big arms is a BIG MISTAKE!
These 2 exercises not only target the most muscle fibers, but also create a “trigger” for your body’s “anabolic response” with natural hormone secretion.
So for beginners, try taking just 1 WEEK and do nothing but squats or deadlifts every day, up to 5 days…and do NO OTHER EXERCISES.
Switch back to your regular workout after this week. If you consider yourself an “intermediate”, try doing these exercises right before a few sets of hitting your other muscle groups for 2 WEEKS and then switch back.
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Muscle Guru

Having spent the last 33 years weight training I have now decided to turn my attention to helping others achieve their full potential. No matter if you are a complete novice wanting to build muscle fast or an experienced muscle builder looking for that elusive muscle building routine that will promote new muscle growth. The muscle building industry is a mine field and I want to help people that are determined to build muscle naturally.

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