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Best Tricep Workout: One of the Best Exercises For Triceps

The Best Tricep Workout

bicepsworkout - Best Tricep Workout: One of the Best Exercises For Triceps

Now here is one of the best tricep workout !.

No matter how hard you train those triceps eventually you are going to hit plateau where further increases in tricep size seems impossible. You know the feeling after a while your normal tricep workout goes stale. It is time to shake things up, dig deep and step up the intensity to a whole new level. This pre exhaust tricep workout hits the spot giving you a massive pump and stimulating new muscle growth into those arms.

Pre Exhaust Tricep Workout

Tricep Combination

Close Grip Bench Press         2 sets  10 reps

Lat Machine Press down
Alternate  3 sets  10 reps
Parallel Bar Dips

Exercises for Triceps No1: Close Grip Bench Press
 Perform this movement exactly the same as the normal bench press the only difference being  your hands should be only 8 inches apart. Do 2 straight sets of this exercise. Rest for 1 minute then go straight to the prehaust set below
Now comes the pre exhaust set

Exercises For Triceps No 2 Lat Machine Press down
I personally use a short bar angled downwards at both ends but you can use the straight lat machine bar if you like. Attach the bar handle to the end of the cable running from the top pulley of a lat machine. Take an overhand grip on the handle, hands no more than 5 inches apart. Set your feet shoulder width apart 12 inches back from the handle. Bend your arms fully and press your upper arms against the sides of your body and this is where they should stay throughout the exercise. The bar should be just below your chin, lean slightly forward at the waist and keep this posture throughout the exercise. Now moving only your forearms slowly straighten your arms until your arms are fully extended and tense those triceps hard hold this position for a second then slowly return to the starting position. Now without no rest straight to parallel tricep


Exercises For Triceps No 3 Parallel bar tricep dips
This is one of the best tricep exercises. Jump up on a set of parallel dipping bars, extend your arms fully so that the triceps are locked out with your palms facing inward, legs slightly bent. Keeping your torso perfectly erect slowly bend your arms and lower your body as far down between the bars as possible. Then without bouncing using tricep strength press your body back to the starting position arms locked and triceps tensed. Do 3 sets of 15 – 8 reps

The main thing to remember when doing your tricep workout is that the tricep muscle is generally small in comparison to say the chest and back muscles so don’t over work them, so just perform the exercises for triceps once a week.


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