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Timing Your Meals To Gain Muscle & Strength Without Gaining Fat

Meal Timing To Maximise Muscle Gains

If you’re training to build muscle without gaining fat, then make sure to pay attention to the timing of your meals. A number of recent studies have shown that consuming protein and carbohydrate immediately prior to, and straight after exercise, could significantly speed up muscle growth. In a recent study, scientists at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre gave subjects a protein and carbohydrate supplement either:

1) Immediately following exercise
2) Three hours after exercise

Results showed that protein synthesis (the term used by scientists to describe muscle growth) was 300% greater when the supplement was taken immediately after exercise, compared to when it was taken 3 hours later.

Protein synthesis was doubled
A blend of carbohydrate and protein is the best way to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need in the critical period immediately after exercise. Moreover, it’s also been shown that a carbohydrate and protein drink taken before exercise might actually be MORE effective.

Researchers at the University of Texas gave test subjects a liquid protein/carbohydrate supplement either before or after a 45-minute weight-training session. Results showed that protein synthesis was more than TWICE as high when subjects consumed protein and carbohydrate before exercise, compared to drinking it straight after the workout.

According to the research team, consuming carbohydrate and protein before exercise, “is more effective than after exercise.” Because the flow of blood around your body is greater during exercise than it is after, protein consumed before you train is delivered more quickly to your muscles.


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