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Does Testosterone Build Muscle Fast, Testosterone Facts

Testosterone will not build muscle without ........

Testosterone For building Muscle

Any gym rat who’s ever touched a dumbbell knows that testosterone builds muscle, right?

In fact, your ability to gain mass is in direct proportion to your body’s T-levels.

That’s why bodybuilders and athletes are gobbling test-boosting supplements by the handful (and the supplement companies are more than happy to sell you a bucket or two at jacked up prices!)

But few people realize this critical mass building truth…

Testosterone Will NOT Build Muscle
Without This One Critical Component…

Here’s the deal…

Testosterone builds muscle by binding to a transport protein located in your cells called “androgen receptors“.

The androgen receptors are what bring the testosterone into your muscle cells to make new proteins and promote muscle building.

It’s kind of like all of us “losers” lined up at the school dance.

There may be a hundred of us all praying to God, Krishna, Zeus, or any other diety who could possibly influence some hottie to come over and give us a shot at a groping session during a Journey song (long live the 80′s!)…

…but it requires a physical connection to transform teen lust into twisted tongues.

Likewise, you can jack up your testosterone all you want but if you don’t have an androgen receptor “hottie” to flutter its eyelashes, your “T” isn’t even going to get to first base.

In other words, testosterone won’t work without active androgen receptors to transport it into the muscle cells.

But all this medical mumbo jumbo is no good to you without some practical “do this” tips, right? So…


Here’s How To Naturally Increase Testosterone
And Turn It Into Muscle…

1. Cycle Your Training The RIGHT Way!

It’s a difficult combination but androgen receptors respond best to high intensity training while testosterone responds best to heavier training (about 80% of your 1 rep max).

This requires some specific pairing of exercises and rep ranges in order to accomplish both goals and unfortunately, most guys don’t train the “right way” in the gym to stimulate both testosterone AND androgen receptor activity.

Generally, you want to cycle your training with weeks of higher repetition ranges to stimulate androgen activity while steadily increasing the weight on other weeks with lower reps to boost testosterone.

So perhaps one week, you use rep ranges in the 10-12 range for an “androgen pump” and then each week, add an extra set with a lower rep range of like 6-8 to go heavier.

Your earlier workout sets of higher reps will stimulate androgen receptors while your later sets will work on providing the companion testosterone increase.

This is one way to do it but of course, there are other ways to train.

The key is to use BOTH methods of lifting in order to maximize both testosterone AND androgen receptor activity.


2. Don’t Give Up, You Big Whuss!

Studies show that more experienced weight-trained athletes have a much higher level of androgen receptor activity than beginning trainers.

This is where the men are separated from the boys!

I know everyone talks about “fast muscle” but the fact is that the longer you stick with bodybuilding as a marathon rather than a sprint, the more muscle you’re going to build and the longer it will last.

Science proves this in the natural androgenic programming results that show that your body will follow what you tell it you need it to do on a long-term basis.

Newbies who give up too quick will NEVER see the body they’re dreaming of!

Stick with it!

3. Cycle Your Protein Intake

Ok, things get a little tricky here, but this is pretty freakin’ cool…

Bodybuilders have been brainwashed into thinking that they need to consume massive amounts of protein in order to build muscle.

But the fact is that your body can actually MAKE ITS OWN PROTEIN!

This is what happens when testosterone pairs up with androgen receptors and are transported into the muscle cells.

In fact, it’s possible to actually INCREASE your body’s own natural demand and production for testosterone by triggering this coupling action to happen at a more intense level.

This is done by cycling your protein intake for short periods where you take in very little protein.

In response, the body senses that training is intense but protein isn’t as sufficient for recovery and muscle growth.

Then, your muscle cells actually answer the demand by bonding more testosterone within the cells for “internal protein creation”.

I know it sounds strange…but it’s absolutely true!

This requires a very specific combination of training cycle plus protein deprivation cycling to “trigger” this very special ability of the body and it only works for a short time.

But knowing when to pull one of these triggers and exactly how to do it results in testosterone interaction you can actually FEEL working!

In fact, this method works WAAAAY better than taking a testosterone boosting supplement to build muscle mass!

It’s not always easy to do, but if you’re open to experimenting with this rather insane method, you’ll want to check out this website:

This method is the result of several years of experimenting with this unique T-boosting method and it’s even been used by some pro bodybuilders as a steroid-alternative.

The reason is because it really does naturally boost testosterone to insane levels, but more importantly, it also intensifies androgen activity so that your body USES that testosterone to stimulate real muscle growth.

If you’re serious about seeing incredible muscle gains, then you need to check out that site right here.

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