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Weight Training Sticking Point, New Levels Of Muscle Gain

Avoiding Weight Training Sticking Point

Have you reached a weight training sticking point?

I want to give you some ideas and pointers which you can implement straightaway which will help you in avoiding the weight training sticking point

You know the feeling – your bench press has been stuck at the same weight for weeks (maybe even months). You dread stepping on the scales, just in case they show you haven’t gained any muscle since last month.

If so, you might want to consider adding partial repetitions to your training programme.

Partial repetitions are just that – small movements performed in the range of an exercise you’re strongest in.

In a barbell curl, for example, you’ll probably find you’re weakest in the bottom part of the movement (when the bar touches your thighs). Conversely, you’re stronger in the TOP half of the movement.

Here’s how to incorporate partial reps into your programme:

  1. Pick one bodypart to focus on. We’ll use the biceps as an example.
  2. Pick one exercise for that bodypart.
  3. On the last set of that exercise, perform 6-12 partial reps in your strongest range, after reaching the point of muscle failure.
  4. Don’t perform partial reps for any bodypart more than twice a week.

After 4-6 weeks, you should notice a definite increase in size and strength.

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