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Sore Lower Back Remedy: Cure Lower Back Pain Naturally

Sore Lower Back

lumbar back strain e1391854933198 - Sore Lower Back Remedy: Cure Lower Back Pain NaturallyMost weight trainers at some stage suffer from a sore lower back. I know after a hard session dead lifting I sometimes get a twinge in lower back the day after.

Sometimes that twinge turns into a dull constant ache which is a right p#ss me off for my next workouts. Now usually I find that this lower back pain disappears after a couple of days thankfully.

But looking at the statistics nearly 8/10 people at some stage in their life suffer from some form of lower back pain. There are a variety of pain relief methods for a sore lower back and it really depends on your unique situation.

Clearly prevention is better than a cure, and adopting the correct posture and form in your workouts or normal everyday lifting situations is essential to avoid a sore lower back.

Recently I have doing some research and have come across a very interesting ebook called The Back Pain Breakthrough and it is #1 Doctor approved and doctor created solution for people who suffer with low back pain and sciatica.

BannersBackMale - Sore Lower Back Remedy: Cure Lower Back Pain Naturally

Here are some interesting statistics about people who suffer with a sore lower back and constant lower back pain:

  • 31 million Americans suffer with low back pain.
  • 80% of people with back pain say it keeps them up at night.
  • 35% of people with back pain say they experience less sexual enjoyment and 20% of Americans have had to make major lifestyle changes such as losing their job, cutting down on hours, or needing to move in with their children because of pain.
  • 72% of people with back pain are using pain medication. And 20% are receiving long-term opioid prescriptions.

The worst part about all of this is that most people will “just deal with it”, or spend thousands of dollars looking in the wrong places for relief.

I’ve never personally seen a “miracle” cure for back pain, but checkout these 3 simple triggers that cause most back pain that can be corrected and, if done properly, stand a good chance to help you get rid of chronic back pain in as little as 7 days.

3 Triggers that Cause Back Pain (and simple solutions for each)

Did you know stretching more can either strengthen or injure your back?

Specifically for people who already suffer from some kind of injury, stretching more can either radically improve or irritate their pain.

Think about people who spend most of their day sitting, already suffer from chronic pain, or are holding onto excess body-fat… In their situation (and many others as well) doing the wrong movements can lead to more pain… And even surgery!

If you suffer from nagging lower back pain I highly recommend that you read this article right now that will change your life:

30 second stretch for instant back-pain relief

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