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How To Keep Your Shoulders Injury Free

Keeping Your Shoulders Injury Free In Weight Training

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Here’s the best way to keep your shoulders injury-free.

Do you suffer from shoulder pain during your workouts?

Your shoulder joint has a large range of motion, but is very unstable. The rotator cuff is a system of four muscles that rotate and stabilise your shoulder. However, because they’re small and relatively weak (compared to larger muscles such as the chest and back), the rotator cuff muscles are easily injured.

Here are 2 simple tips you can use right away to keep your shoulders injury-free…

1. Don’t use too wide a grip when you’re bench pressing. If your grip is too wide, the rotator cuff is at a greater risk of injury. The safest grip for this exercise is a medium grip (hands placed a little wider than shoulder width), which places less strain on the rotator cuff.

2. If you have pain at the top of your shoulder when performing dips, then replace dips with another exercise (such as the triceps pressdown). This type of shoulder pain is not something you can “work through”. If, on the other hand, you can dip without pain, allow one set for a special warm-up: Do the first rep barely lowering yourself at all. With each subsequent rep, lower yourself a little further so that by the final rep you are moving through the full range of motion for the exercise.



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