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Free Shoulder Building Exercises – Build Broad Shoulders

Build Broad Shoulders With These Free Shoulder Building Exercises

Powerful broad shoulders epitomize a powerful physique, these two great deltoid workout exercises will guarantee speedy results.

Exercise 1 Behind the Neck Press
For this exercise you will need a barbell with moderate weight, and a bench to sit on with preferably a back support (always wear a belt). Lift the barbell above your head with a shoulder width grip. Then lower the barbell to the base of your neck, hold for a second then press back to the starting position but do not lock out your elbows and repeat 8 to 10 times. Do 4 sets increasing the weight each time.

Exercise 2 Dumbell Twist Press
This exercise targets the medial and anterior deltoid which will give the shoulders that full look. Grasp a moderately heavy set of dumbells and sit on a bench preferably with a back support. Raise the dumbells above your head but do not lockout your elbows. Lower the dumbells down to just below shoulder height then bring the dumbells together just in front of the chest and hold for a second. Then bring the dumbells apart again to just below shoulder level and press above your head, this constitutes 1 rep, you need to do 8 to 10 reps and 3 sets. This exercise will blow the shoulders and stimulate rapid growth.

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