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Shoulder Training Tips Build Large Shoulder Muscles

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My absolute FAVORITE muscle group to train are my SHOULDERS!,

I LIVE for my Monday workouts when I can hit ’em HARD! 😉

So here are three short and sweet shoulder training tips to build large shoulder muscles.

Shoulder Training Tips 1

“First do a Standing Barbell Military Press and choose a weight you can do 8-12 reps with.Immediately after your last rep, lower the barbell in front of you and do as many shrugs as you can.Repeat 3 times.”


Shoulder Training Tips  2
I CALL THESE “STRAPS TO NOSE” FOR HITTING THE REAR DELTS-Stand facing the cable machine and set up the rope attachment
towards the top- the key here is NOT TO PUT HEAVY WEIGHT because
you don’t want to use your bi’s here, you just want to hit the
rears.Now, take 2 steps back and while leaning your body to the back,
pull rope attachment to the bridge of your nose.


HOld it there for a second before you let it go back.

This is an isolated excersise so YOU NEED TO REP THESE OUT.

Shoulder Training Tips 3
“For training TRAPS, sit on a pull down machine and hook up 2
individual handles,triceps rope, or whatever you prefer but you
must keep arms as close as possible.Choose a weight that you can muster about 12-15 reps.Now, instead of doing regular pulldown movements…


…keep your arms STRAIGHT in the air, try to squeeze your shoulder
blades togther (like a reverse shrug)

You will feel this in the traps if you do them right.”


Try these simple but effective shoulder building tricks and feel the results.

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