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Three Key Steps to Rapid Muscle Growth OR You Will Not Gain Muscle

Three Key Steps to Rapid Muscle Growth

Although entire books have been written about the best ways to train for rapid muscle growth, the basics can be condensed down into three key points. Ignore these principles, and you’ll never make the progress you deserve. Apply them to your workouts on a regular basis, and you’ll get better results than virtually everyone else in the gym.

1. Progression
To make progress, you must seek to improve each time you train – either in terms of the amount of weight you lift, or the number of repetitions you perform. Of course, you won’t be able to progress at the same rate forever. Someone who has been training for 20 years will progress at a slower rate than someone with only 20 weeks of training under their belt. Still, even if you feel like you’ve been training for a lifetime, you can still improve or change something. A small improvement to exercise technique, a new exercise, or a variation on an existing movement is sometimes all you need to trigger new growth.

2. Focus
Get the most out of each movement by engaging your most important muscle – your brain! Don’t watch the TV, chat to your friend, or think about anything other than the muscle you’re working. You’ll get better results in less time.

3. Recovery
If you don’t allow enough time for recovery, you won’t grow. It’s that simple. For a muscle to grow, it has to recover first. Training each muscle group once or twice a week is sufficient for most people. More frequent training is reserved for those relying on chemical assistance – i.e. steroids!

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