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Weight Training Without Drugs, How Should A Natural Bodybuilder Train

A simple guide to training and eating for people who don’t use drugs, written by Ike Abadom, European natural bodybuilding champion

I often get asked how should a natural bodybuilder train? As if some special law of physics must apply if you train without the use of drugs. I’ve got news for you, bodybuilding is bodybuilding!
Mind you, if a natural does make a few little training mistakes his progress comes to a grinding and abrupt halt. Whereas our drug-assisted “brothers” who also make the same mistakes, can and do get away with murder. Let me explain a little further.


Natural bodybuilders have to create their own anabolic environment. One that is super charged with testosterone and growth hormone. We also have to make sure our bodies are flooded with quality protein and carbohydrate, to create a positive nitrogen balance. While the same still holds true for our drug-assisted counterparts, they create their own anabolic environment externally by introducing testosterone and other hormones into the body. Amongst other things, these drugs rapidly create nitrogen retention. So a few missed meals here and there is no big deal to someone on the juice. But for us naturals it spells disaster!

To create a super-charged level of testosterone and growth hormone naturally, as always, requires a combination of several factors. Using heavy compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and overhead pressing movements triggers the release of large amounts of testosterone and growth hormone. As does training with great intensity and focus, using shock tactics like drop sets, super sets, and tri sets.
Of course, training consistently in such a manner is no easy task. It requires a great deal of discipline and determination. That’s why I — for one— like training naturally. The training experience is more rewarding. The achievements are more satisfying. Supplements such as GH Kick are great for stimulating your body to produce more of its own testosterone and growth hormone safely and naturally.

redarrow - Weight Training Without Drugs, How Should A Natural Bodybuilder Train

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Rest and recuperation

As naturals we must never train a body part more than once a week (unless a shock tactic is being employed occasionally). However we must train very hard and fast for 45 minutes, and then get the hell out of there. Testosterone levels peak at 45 minutes. After this point, they drop off rapidly. So banging around the gym for two hours is a big waste of time for naturals. I’d also have to question the intensity being generated. I’ve yet to see anyone train all-out for a solid two hours.

As for training frequency, unless you’ve got excellent recovery and recuperation skills, more than 3 training sessions (maybe 4 or 5 if they’re short), will often result in overtraining and burn-out unless you’re drug-assisted.

Six training sessions each week just don’t work for the naturals. Remember that however motivated you are, you’ve got to give your body rest. Only during rest periods will your body fully recover and grow. Working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and then partying, with 4 hours sleep, will result in little growth. In most cases, you’ll probably lose muscle.
Sleep is also essential — even more so for naturals. We cannot recover from hard training as quickly as drug-assisted bodybuilders. We need at least 8-10 hours sleep consistently. This is a must if you are serious about packing on real muscle. The emphasis is on REAL muscle. Natural bodybuilding is all about REAL MUSCLE. It’s home-grown, hard-earned and with you for life.


Nutrition is obviously essential to any bodybuilder. At least 5 (sometimes 6-8) meals a day is standard procedure. I personally eat approximately 4 solid meals and 2-4 meals replacements a day, such as Promax Meal Bars. Protein intake needs to be around 2.5 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

For example, a bodybuilder weighing 200 pounds (91 kilograms) needs around 230 grams of protein each day. This is where protein drinks are worth their weight in gold. Two scoops of Promax Extreme provides over 50 grams of first class whey protein.
Carbohydrates should be of the complex variety (wholegrain pasta, rice, bread, broccoli, beans, peas, and lentils). Make sure to use healthy sources of fat (such as extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, nuts and flaxseed). Refined and processed high-sugar and high-fat foods are strictly for the fat boys only. Alcohol kills testosterone and smoking kills endurance and fitness, so don’t even bother to go there.

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