Natural Muscle Building Workout – The Two Day Split Routine

Natural Muscle Building Workout – Two Day Split Workout Routine


What is the best natural muscle building workout for a beginner?…

There are masses of natural muscle building workouts on the internet to entice the first time muscle builder, so many in fact that it becomes confusing .

But without doubt one of the great steps forwarding in bodybuilding has been the development of the split system of training. Gone are the days of spending 3 hours in the gym trying to tackle every body part. OK the first muscles trained got some good quality work but by the end of the workout you muscles are totally depleted of nutrients and cortisol production takes place destroying all your good work.

So the answer is there are numerous split systems of weight training for the natural muscle builder each carrying with them advantages and disadvantages

The first split natural muscle building workout that I want to take a look at is the two day split

Two Day Split

Day                              Body Parts Trained

1                                   Upper Body

2                                  Lower Body

3                                   Rest

4                                   Repeat

The two day split is by far the simplest natural muscle building workout.

Day 1 Muscle Building Workout – Two Day Split

You totally focus on building the upper body and hence group all the upper body exercises together secure in the knowledge that we don’t need to save energy to train those darn legs at the end.

Day 2 Muscle Building Workout – Two Day Split

With a good nights sleep, totally refreshed and full of energy its time to focus on training those legs to failure.

Day 3 Muscle Building Workout – Two Day Split

This is a rest day. Remember that muscles grow through re-couperation so this day is very important.

Day 4 Muscle Building Workout – Two Day Split

This where you repeat the cycle training your upper body.

In order to keep stimulating muscle growth it is important to step up the intensity and it is clear to see that it will not take to long for the muscles to get accustomed to this split in both resilience and strength, so we need to look to up the intensity to the next level cometh the most commonly used of all the split workout routines the Three Day Split

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