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How long does it take muscles to recover? Muscle Recovery In Bodybuilding

Muscle Recovery In Bodybuilding

If you are looking to build quality lean hard muscle it is important to understand about muscle recovery in bodybuilding.

man - How long does it take muscles to recover? Muscle Recovery In Bodybuilding

How long does it take muscles to recover?

It’s a common belief if muscle soreness has eased, you can train that muscle group again. However, researchers from the USA have shown that your muscles are still recovering from exercise even though they no longer feel sore. The study tracked a group of men who took part in an intense leg workout. Muscle soreness was measured in the days following exercise. Although the men reported no soreness after 3 days, tests showed that the muscles showed signs of damage for up to 5 days after exercise. Muscle strength was also reduced for almost one week after training.

One of the most common reasons for lack of results in the gym is overtraining. If you train your muscles before they have recovered fully, they won’t be able to adapt – which means little or no progress. In short, training each muscle group once each week (unlike the drug-assisted routines of professional bodybuilders) is sufficient for you to make continued progress in both strength and size, and also ensures that you avoid overtraining. This is why split routines where you train once bodypart once a week, using a 2, 3 or 4 day split routine per week works so well for results and motivation!



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