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Crazy Muscle Pump Trick For Rapid Muscle Growth

This crazy muscle pump trick gives rapid muscle growth forget normal supersets.

We all crave to find that secret combination of exercises in the gym to give us that crazy muscle pump. Nothing beats that pumped up feeling. We all know how effective supersets can be in developing rapid muscle growth but did you know that there are a number of different ways that you can manipulate supersets to give that crazy muscle pump.

The majority of times in the gym all I see is guys performing supersets the tradition way, combining two different exercises for two different body-parts with no rest. But what if I was to tell you, that it is not going to give you the rapid muscle growth you are striving for.

You see there is a simple superset trick that you can use in your next workout which will blast your muscle growth to whole new levels.

The simple trick you are going to use is to stimulate new muscle growth is a system called antagonistic supersets.

So, let’s look at the difference between normal supersets and the antgonistis superset.

In the case of traditional supersets say your back and chest workout consists of 4 sets of incline bench and 4 sets of chin-ups. You would perform a set of incline bench followed immediately (no rest) with a set of chin-ups followed by a rest period of upto two minutes and repeat another three times.

Now with the antagonistic superset you incorporate a 60 second rest period between the two different exercises. So this would mean in your case do one set of incline bench press rest 60 seconds then do a set of chin-ups followed by a further 60 second rest period before repeating the remaining three sets in exactly the same fashion.

By using this crazy muscle pump trick for rapid muscle growth you will be able focus greater on the muscle being trained as well as being able to lift heavier weights than in the traditional superset to stimulate greater muscle growth. What I have found by using this simple muscle pump trick is that it a lot easier to perform over the tradition superset when doing the big compound exercises which tend to leave you gasping for breath.

You can crank up the intensity by simply reducing the inter-set rest period, reduce it down to 45 seconds and blast out those sets for a crazy muscle pump.


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