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Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review

Mi40x Workout Review in full

ben pakulski - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review
Mi40x Workout Creator Ben Pakulski

In this independent Mi40x workout review we shall be evaluating the claims made by the creator. We dissect the program to give you our honest opinion of its value to you the muscle builder. We will attempt to answer all your questions.

Let me just prempt some of your possible initial thoughts about the Mi40x workout:

• Does the Mi40x workout program deliver?

• Is the Mi40x training program as effective at building muscle mass in a short time frame as is claimed?

• The Mi40x program uses a unique technique called CEP training to build muscle mass, but what exactly is this?

What Is MI40X Workout?

The Mi40x muscle building workout has been created by Ben Pakulski. Ben is a successful competitive professional bodybuilder known particularly for his down to earth attitude. He is a charismatic individual that pocesses the ability to both inspire, help and motivate people. From all walks of life to build muscle whilst shedding body fat.

To find out more about Ben simply just do a quick Google search and you will see just how popular a person Ben is in muscle building circles. (Ben Pakulski – Wikipedia). The Mi40x workout program is the next level program from Ben’s ultra successful Mi40 workout

What makes the Mi40x Workout different to all other program

The Mi40X or Mi40 Extreme workout program takes muscle building to whole new level. The workout applies a unique and scientifically proven technique called CEP for short. CEP is the key to rapid increases in muscle mass in a short time frame. CEP stands for cell expansion protocol.

A study was conducted of two groups of 20 to 30 year males. One group used a traditional workout regime and the other used the CEP training technique. The results showed that the group utilizing the Mi40x CEP training techniques made superior gains in both muscle size and reduction in body fat levels.

What is the Mi40x CEP training principle and how does it work?

balloon - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review

First of all if you consider each of your muscle cells to be likened to a small balloon. The CEP training principle subjects each of the muscle cells to a stimulating stress which forces the cells to expand. During a normal weight training program as you work the muscle it tears down the muscle fibres. The muscles then go into what is known as a crisis mode. They try to recover and grow prior to your next workout and the cycle repeats.

In the Mi40x CEP training workout this destructive crisis stage is cleverly avoided by using a simple but highly effective 4 minute strategy. This strategy forces every cell in the muscle into hyper recovery mode by selective stimulation which in turn promotes rapid muscle growth.

Longer muscle pumps with the Mi40x Workout

I am sure that you have experienced a good muscle pump after an intense workout but as you know the effects are only short lived. However when applying the CEP training principles the muscle cells are tricked into a continual expanding mode giving you what feels like a constant pump.

There is a good reason why only the CEP way of training produces this rare constant pump effect and it is all to do with “Satellite cells”

Satellite cells are cells made by your body to help repair muscle damage”

When using the simple 4 minute CEP training strategy at the end of your sets a greater number of satellite cells are generated. Your recovery rate is much faster than traditional workouts which in turn means faster growth.

All this means:

• Less time in the gym

• 4 minutes of CEP Training at the end of a movement

• Large increase in the production of satellite cells speeding up recovery and expanding muscle cells.

• Expanded muscle cells equates to an increase in muscle mass

• The fuel that your body uses to expand the body cells comes from stored body fat. So it’s a win win situation in that you build muscle mass quickly by using body fat as a fuel source so you get ripped in the process.

The 4 minute CEP training strategy applied to a bicep routine.

Let’s take a look at just one of the specific CEP training principles for building the biceps using incline bench dumbbells. You are going to perform 3 drop sets with a static hold, so it is important to have three sets of consecutively lighter dumbbells ready and available.

• It is very important to ensure you get the angle of the bench and the body position right to execute this bicep workout.

• Set the incline bench to a 60 degree angle and grab two dumbbells with a palms forward grip.

• It is important to keep your abs tight as you perform the exercise and your shoulders back

• From the stretched starting position curl the dumbbells to shoulder height and squeeze hard at the top for a second

• Lower the dumbbells so to get a full contraction in the triceps at the bottom this ensures that the biceps are fully stretched

• Perform 8 reps using this strict form

• On your last rep stop at the bottom and ensure you have a secure solid grip on the dumbbells and contract and squeeze the triceps hard for at least 20 seconds. Focus hard on contracting the triceps this forces addition blood supply to the arm muscles.

• Without no rest grab a lighter set of dumbbells and perform the same protocol of 8 controlled reps with full contraction of the triceps at the bottom

• On the last rep again squeeze the triceps hard for 20 seconds with a secure grip on the dumbbells.

• Again without rest grab a lighter set of dumbbells and perform the same sequence of reps again followed with the triceps squeezes for 20 seconds. But this time to finish after the tricep squeezes do one further rep of the bicep dumbbell curl and squeeze at the top and you’re done.

This is just one example of the Mi40x CEP training principles in action. Yes it is brief, taxing and indeed painful to complete but the results in muscle mass and fat loss are extraordinary. You also get the added benefit of not needing to perform extra cardio.

Mi40X Muscle Building Workout What to Expect

Like any other demanding muscle building program in order to get the very best results it is important to be focused , committed and above all dedicated to following the instructions given precisely. The Mi40x regime is a demanding 6 day a week workout program with the seventh day being a rest/recuperation day.

The Mi40x workout package is delivered instantly online comprising of a series of PDF manuals and supporting videos. Each workout duration is 60minutes and the workouts incorporate up to eight different specialized techniques.

The first page that you are directed to after purchasing is the welcome page which includes a short 5 minute Rapid Start Action video by Ben himself. This video gives important advice on how to get the best results from the program whilst avoiding injury.

What is in the MI40x PDF Manuals

CEP Training Blueprint Manual

This contains the essential main core principles of the entire muscle building workouts. Not only does it tell you how to exactly apply the CEP principles but also what to avoid doing in your workouts and how certain training methods can halt your gains and increase fat storage.

The 18 week training program is clearly laid out for you and is split into a number of stages. A level of flexibility is built into the program to ensure it can accommodate beginners, intermediates and advanced muscle builders alike.

Here is a breakdown of the different phases incorporated in the Mi40x workout:

• High Volume Phase – this phase puts a particular emphasis on an increased volume of sets consisting of both high and low rep movements which are alternated twice a week

• Hypertrophy Phase – in this phase the volume of sets is lowered but with a greater emphasis on heavier resistance.

• Strength Phase – this phase incorporates increasing resistance right up to a 1 rep max level

• Deloading Phase – this phase gives your muscles and nervous system a much welcome break

• Over Reaching Phase – the intensity is stepped up against proceeding the deloading phase.

• Hyper Recovery phase – training with moderate intensity for optimal recovery

The 7 Day Primer Phase Manual – This is a very important preparatory phase prior to starting the full blown workouts. It prepares your body and muscles for the workouts ahead reference to the videos through this preparatory stage will ensure that you employ the various techniques correctly

The 7 Day Detox Guide – To get the best out of any program it is important to prime your body and rid yourself of toxins within your body, the detox plan does exactly that. By ridding your body of toxins this provides optimal conditions for the absorption of nutrients which are particularly important in the demanding Mi40X CEP training workout.

CEP Practical Application Guide – This is basically a complementary extension of the CEP Training Blueprint. Laid out in simple layman’s terms it provides a series of extra tips and advice on how to apply the CEP training principles further.

The Exercise Execution Guide – This PDF contains all the information on each body part, the specific exercises you need to perform, and everything you need to do for your workouts all laid out clearly with no guesswork required.

Workout Sheets – This PDF contains print and go workout sheets. Simply select your level of experience either beginner, intermediate or advanced, print your sheets take them to the gym and record your progress.

The Nutrition Guide – Unlike other programs I was pleased to see that nutrition guide was simple and very easy to follow. There are no complicated strict diets due to the effectiveness of the CEP training principle in building muscle and burning fat, just simple to follow guidelines.

Supplement Guide – again pleased to see that Ben only selectively recommends a small number of supplements with a proven track history rather than wasting our money on false promises.

FAQs Guide – This PDF contains a variety of frequently asked questions covering all aspects of the Mi40x workout that have not been addressed in all the other literature.

The MI40 Total Training Videos

Included in the Mi40x program are a comprehensive selection of high quality videos that show you to perform all the exercises within the workout plan. The videos are basically split into 2 collections:

  1. Firstly the CEP Training Video Collection
mi40x1 - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review
Mi40x CEP Training For Biceps
mi40x2 - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review
Mi40x CEP Training For Legs
mi40x3 - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review
Mi40x CEP Training For Chest
mi40x4 - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review
Mi40x workout CEP Training For Back

This includes a full series of videos of how to perform the CEP training exercises. In this series of high quality videos Ben shows you exactly the technique that you should use to get the maximum effect out of the exercises. One of the big positive points that we liked in the videos is that Ben caters for each individual fitness level giving you alternatives which gives you the freedom to focus on whatever muscle group you prefer.

2. The MI40X Total Training Video Collection

mi40x videos - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review

Because the CEP technique as mentioned in the video collection above can only be applied to certain exercises, this complete video collection contains every single exercise that is performed in all the workouts. Pay particular attention because as Ben Pakulski mentions not all exercises are equal. If you perform the wrong exercises you may not see the results or even worse subject yourself to possible injury.

What Are The Benefits Of The MI40X Workout Program?

Here are the benefits of the Mi40x workout program which will hopefully aid you make your own decision:

• The CEP training technique utilized throughout the Mi40x workout program has been scientifically proven and backed up with a number of studies. To be one of the most effective ways of building muscle mass in the shortest time frame possible

• The CEP training principle literally only takes 4 minutes to implement on the completion of each set. Application of the technique increases the time the muscle is put under tension which promotes fast muscle growth.

• This advanced muscle building program is designed to incorporate flexibility through the workouts. So it does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advance muscle builder. Ben’s videos accommodate for all levels of experience.

• The Mi40x workout and CEP techniques completely removes the need to have separate workouts for bulking and cutting like most other workouts. The special techniques used throughout the workouts are designed not only to build muscle fast but also to use your body’s fat stores. This means of supplying fuel to maximise your gains, so it is a win win situation.

• Extremely important to ensure you complete the 7 day primer phase to ensure your body and in particular muscles are prepared for the vigorous workouts.

Our thoughts on the Mi40x Workout Program and What We Liked

• Very easy and straight forward to implement the new CEP training technique and exercises

• All the exercises and techniques used are backed up with high quality videos instantly available to leave nothing to chance.

• The program has been created by a top IFBB pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, who has the ability to both inspire and motivate

• The scientific studies and results of group tests prove that CEP training is highly effective in building muscle mass in extremely quick time

• The PDF manuals are very detailed and provide a resource which you can be referenced at any time.

• Builds muscle mass whilst burning body fat at the same time

• Time saving, short workouts

• Results are guaranteed if you follow the guidelines completely.

• Compared to most traditional muscle building programs MI40x is competitively priced

• If you don’t see the results you get 60 day money back guarantee

What We Did Not Like About the Mi40x Workout

• This is a demanding workout and requires discipline, you need to religiously stick to the guidelines, remain focussed and you will be rewarded with impressive results.

• Not for the weak willed, you have got to want it. Don’t forget the adage “No Pain No Gain”

• Beginners do need to complete the primer phase to both master the high intensity techniques and prime the body for the hardcore routines

Mi40x Workout Program Bottom Line

The Mi40x workout program uses both a revolutionary and scientifically proven 4 minute hyper growth technique called CEP training. It is designed to deliver extra fast gains in muscle size and strength while utilising body fat as a fuel source.

Due to this fact there is no need to separate your training into cutting and bulking phases like traditional muscle building workouts. Due to the hyper metabolic nature of the workouts there is no need to phase in cardio training into your workouts as the CEP training covers all angles.

Although the workouts are advanced the program does incorporate flexibility for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced muscle builders. Follow the blueprint to the tee and it is ideal for those that want to see fast muscle gain.

VisitOS - Mi40x Workout Review – Independent Mi40x Workout review




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