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Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth

The Mass Intentions Review

Mass Intentions by Ben Pakulski

mi40 workoutsweb - Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth     mi40 mainweb - Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth

Due to Muscleblitz’s privileged position in the muscle building industry we are fortunate to be able to get sneak previews of the very latest muscle building programs so we can give you our honest opinion of the value and effectiveness of the information contained, so you can make an informed decision to purchase or not. All the muscle building programs are purchased prior to assessment. The latest revolutionary muscle gain system that we would like to bring to you today is the Mass Intentions review.

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What is Mass Intentions (MI40) Muscle Building

benny - Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth
Mi40 Workout Ben Pakulski

The Mass Intentions muscle building workout is the brainchild of Ben Pakulski an established and respected IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and it it is promised to be the most cutting edge muscle gain program ever released to the bodybuilding world and it has already created a storm, particularly with professional muscle builders. Ben has also just created a revolutionary bizarre technique that literally only takes 4 minutes at the end of each set to blast muscle growth through the roof, you can read the Mi40x review here

My Instant Impression of the Mass Intentions Workout (MI40 workout)….

It is very clear and striking to see on reading the program, that Ben have put an exciting “no holds barred” and totally comprehensive package together in clear, logical and easily understood steps which appeals to both beginners and advanced muscle builders alike, particularly for those looking to build muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

Mass Intentions (MI40) Claims:-

The main claim made by the program creators is that you can Double or Even Triple your muscle gains in half the the time.

Here are my thoughts on the Mass Intentions 40 for short MI40 Workout:-

Having been involved in the muscle building world now for over 35 years, I am not easily impressed, and you have to treat all the programs with equal merit. A bold claim is made!

Double or Triple your muscle gain in half the time!

I am afraid to say it lit up all the lights on my BS detector.

Being part skeptic and optimist I needed to delve deeper into the information that was presented with the program before writing it off.

Now in order to do this I decided to lift the lid on the Mass Intentions 40 workout to expose the good and bad points and importantly for yourself how I have arrived at the conclusions.

Here’s the Theory Behind the Mass Intentions 40 Workout:-

The name, Mass Intentions or MI40 is significant to this program because it is representative of the conscious INTENT, to create TENSION in the muscle. The number 40, is the most important number in this program because it is the number that has the most scientific significance. 40 is representative of the number of days in the program (40 days), the amount of time in a set (40 seconds), the rest between sets (40 seconds), and the number of exercises used in constructing this muscle building protocol.

40 days has been proven to be the most optimal amount of time to adapt to any new training program (6weeks). 40 seconds is the ideal amount of “Time under Tension”(TUT) to illicit muscular hypertrophy. 40 seconds rest is the ideal amount of time to allow your CP and ATP Glycolytic energy pathways to recover before the next set (these are the energy pathways that drive muscular contraction of fast twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for growth!).

Most experts and muscle building gurus of the past say that you have to lift big to get big and this is where the MI40 workout program deviates from convention. The main concept behind this new workout which makes it totally radical to all other methods of building muscle mass and even contradictory to what all the magazines tel you is the NOS ™ & Intentions principle.

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MI40 NOS Principle

NOS stands for Neurological Overload Sets. NOS is completed by performing an “extended set”. The goal here is to extend the set for as long as possible while maintaining tension on the working muscle, and perfect form!

Start the set with a weight that you can use for a strict 8 repetitions. After completing your first 8 repetitions, decrease the weight by 20% (if you are using 100lbs, you would decrease by 20lbs, etc.) Immediately continue to perform as many repetitions as you can with the second weight (usually 5-8 reps). Repeat this process 4 times total. (You will complete 3 drops, therefore 4 “sets”-100,80,60,40lbs).

Always keep strict form. If anything, decrease the size of the Range of Motion (ROM) (“partials”), just make sure to be initiating the movement with the working muscle from a fully stretched position. By using this system you create an optimal hormonal environment to ensure maximum muscle growth and by keeping the workout time shorter, means less cortisol (muscle breakdown) and therefore better body composition and muscle growth! and no muscle growth plateaus. It’s THIS set that ensures you never walk out of the gym wondering, “Did I do enough?” and on the flip side it ensures you never worry, “Did I overtrain?”.

MI40 Intentions Principle

Ben Pakulski – How Do I Build Inner Upper Chest Muscle

Intentions teaches you how to “feel” your muscles rather than going heavier and heavier which presents more risk than reward. It is the ideal tool to exhaust your muscles safely. With INTENTIONS you change the angle of pushing or pulling. You push inward or pull outward with your hands or feet as you perform an exercise. In the MI40 DVD, Ben teaches you how to apply INTENTIONS to virtually every exercise. On barbell presses for chest, for example, you try to push your hands together the effect is dramatic and you can forget using your usual heavy bench weight as this variation stimulates progressive muscle growth.

Ben also leaves no stone unturned for those wanting to build maximum muscle mass whilst shedding off all unwanted body fat by incorporating a patented dietary strategy called the Three Phase Nutrition Plan which shows step by step exactly how to manipulate your carb intake on a daily basis to dramatically increase muscle size when working in conjunction with the NOS and Intentions Principles

The Mass Intentions Workout Exposed

Having read through the full MI40 workout literature I would like to expose what I feel are the particularly good and bad points of the Program

First of all the good points

• The main MI40 manuals contain no fluff or filler unlike most others, it is both clear, concise and easy to understand

• The quality and detail in the course is extremely high and Ben has done a great job in creating a very easy to follow workout program for potential muscle builders of all levels of experience. The videos provided are extremely good quality and to be honest are far better to follow than just plain text presented by most other programs

• The 3 phase nutritional plan to me was exceptional and complements the key workout principles presented in the course with the added benefit of being so easy to follow.

• Ben usually over delivers and this time is no different. Included in the package is:-

The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual
The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual
The 40-Day MASS Instruction Workout Videos
The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide
The 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets
The 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar
The 40- Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol
Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

• The test group testimonials are very inspiring and fire you up to get started!

mi40success stories - Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth

• And finally Ben promises a full unconditional money back refund so you really cannot say any fairer than that.

Now for the bad points

• If you want to totally maximize your muscle gains following the mass intentions 40 workout program you will need to follow the supplementation guidelines which will mean having to purchase supplements, so it is not a free ride. That being said the price should not be that prohibitive.

• Also with the food required for the diet you need to be near a large discount store otherwise it could be quite costly.


People have said surely the Mass Intentions Workout is like all the other muscle building programs that have come and gone, with big promises and no results and I was skeptical at first too.

One thing that sparked my curiosity to read further into the program was the education and knowledge of the creator Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. Knowing that Ben holds a degree in Kinesiology and Biomechanics

But after reading and trying out the new principles of NOS and Intentions presented in the mainstay of the program I have been converted, this system works and works extremely well. It has changed my approach and outlook to muscle building for good and I think it will change yours too.

So if you want to take your muscle gains to the next level I would suggest you take a look at the Mass Intentions Workout.

Get the lowdown on the most advanced Muscle Building Workout and Nutrition Plan available Mi40 Workout PlanVisitOS - Mass Intentions Review, Mass Intentions Workout The Truth


Muscle Guru

Having spent the last 33 years weight training I have now decided to turn my attention to helping others achieve their full potential. No matter if you are a complete novice wanting to build muscle fast or an experienced muscle builder looking for that elusive muscle building routine that will promote new muscle growth. The muscle building industry is a mine field and I want to help people that are determined to build muscle naturally.

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