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Free Shoulder Workout, shoulder workout exercises

Free shoulder workout

Shoulder Workout Exercises


Standing Barbell Presses
This is excellent exercise for filling out those shoulders. It is the basic bread and butter of shoulder exercises, placing intense stress on the anterior deltoids. Always wear a lifting belt for this exercise Take an overhand grip on a loaded barbell on the gym floor, hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Dip your hips and raise the barbell above your head. Keeping your elbows under the bar at all times lower the bar down onto the top of your chest keeping you back straight. The using shoulder and arm power press the barbell back over head keeping a slight bend in the elbows at the top (so to keep pressure on the shoulders at all times) Do 3 sets of this exercise increasing the weight each time.

shoulder quiz - Free Shoulder Workout, shoulder workout exercises

Dumbbell Presses
This an excellent shoulder mass builder, the beauty of using dumbbells is that you not governed to using set width grips as you are with barbells and also you get a greater rang of motion For this exercise use moderately heavy dumbbell. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and press the dumbbells up to your shoulders. At the commencement of the set your palms should be facing forward. Stand with your back straight and maintain this position throughout the exercise. Press the dumbbells straight up above your head moving the dumbbells toward each other at the very top, hold this position for a second than lower the dumbbells in the same arc. To get a greater pump try rotating the dumbbells 90 degrees as you press from the starting position. Do 3 sets of this exercise increasing the weight each time

Upright Rows
This exercise is excellent for developing the pec/ deltoid tie -ins and for adding extra width to the shoulders by developing the medial deltoid. Use a loaded barbell and grasp the barbell with an over hand grip, hands 6 inches apart. Ideally your feet should be shoulder width apart stand erect with your arms stretching down to your sides and the barbell resting across the fronts of your thighs. Using shoulder power pull the barbell up to neck height keeping your elbows high and your body straight, hold at the top position for a second then lower in a controlled fashion to the starting point and repeat. Do 3 sets of this exercise increasing the weight each time

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