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How To Build Large Thighs, Big Quads & Hamstrings With My Thigh Training Leg Workouts

Build Large Thighs, Big Quads & Hamstrings With My Thigh Training Leg Workouts

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It is very important to warm up thoroughly, and leg extensions are ideal, they warm the joints and quad area in preparation for squats. So lets build those thighs.

Exercise 1 Leg Extensions
Sit on a leg extension bench, and place your feet behind the pads. Select a reasonably light weight. Raise your legs until they are straight out in front of you and tense, hold for 1 second before lowering slowly. Repeat 10 to 12 times for 3 sets.

Exercise 2 Squats with Leg press
These 2 exercises need to be performed straight after each other with minimal rest. First select a moderately weighted barbell supported in stands just below neck height. Stand under the bar so that the bar rests on your neck, feet shoulder width apart. Lift the bar and step backwards clear of the stands. Take a deep breath, keep your back straight, look forward, and squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Then push with your legs and return the starting position to complete 1 repetition. Do 12 reps then lay on a leg extension machine loaded with moderate weight. Place your feet firmly on the board, release the safety catches and press your legs to full extension. Lower the weight in a controlled fashion as low as possible then without jerking press the weight back to the starting position this constitutes 1 rep, do as many reps as possible. This is 1 set do 5 sets. On the squatting phase pyramid your reps with increasing weight i.e. first set 12 reps, second set 10 reps, third set 8 reps, forth set 6 reps and fifth set 4 reps.

Exercise 3 Calf Raises
To finish off the legs (literally) you need to perform calf raises Sit at a calf machine loaded with heavy weight. Place your knees under the pads and rest just your toes on the platform. Lift the weight by raising your legs by pressing down with your toes and tensing the calfs to full extension, this constitutes 1 rep. Calf muscles have dense fiber’s and so need to be worked with heavy weight and high reps. So make sure you do at least 20 reps per set and 4 sets.

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