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Simple trick for increasing growth hormone naturally

How to increase growth hormone

Here is a simple trick for increasing growth hormone naturally that you can use straightaway in your next  arm workout.

By adapting your training it is possible to naturally stimulate an increase growth hormone release which results in greater muscle gains.

It is a well known adage in the bodybuilding world that you should try and lift more weight in each workout in order to maximise your muscle gains.

Now that can work to a point.

Reality is that is impossible to keep increasing the weights on every workout, if that was the case we would all have a 200kg bicep curls in 10 years, not to mention the additional strain and pounding those joints would take.

There is an alternative you can use straightaway for increasing your growth hormone levels naturally with just a few tweaks to your workout.

The secret is to do more work in less time


A great example of this is too just take a look at sprinters physiques, they are muscular and ripped in comparison to long distance runners who are scrawny and look skinny fat.

This is because sprinters do a lot more work in a given amount of time. The result of this is greater muscle growth which in turn leads to less body fat.

Here is exactly how you can adapt this same growth hormone technique into your workout straightaway

A great example that I always use is single arm dumbbell curls.

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Muscular man working out in gym, showing big biceps

Start with a weighted dumbbell that you can do 15 reps with, the trick is to do 10 reps (not going to muscular failure).

Swap straight across to the other arm with no rest and do 10 reps.

Again with no rest switch back to the original arm and crank out 10 reps.

Do this until you complete 4 sets with each arm, only the fourth set do you go for complete muscular failure.

Feel the pump as you hit all muscle fibres from every angle, using this technique will skyrocket your growth hormone levels, shedding body fat whilst building lean muscle.

The other bonus being this way of working out is joint friendly so just focus and bang out those four sets and feel the pump.

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