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How Do Muscles Grow- The Truth on Muscle Growth

How do muscles grow! How to increase muscle size

How do muscles grow the truth and how to increase muscle size FREE advice and tips on using correct form and breathing during weight training workouts

Routines Part 2

  • How long do I rest between sets?

The rest between sets is to allow the body to recover its energy levels and it should be 30 and 100 seconds depending on the body part that you are training, if you are training a large body part for instance legs or chest you should rest nearer to 100secs so to fully recover. Never rest any longer than 3 minutes because you will lose the pump and your muscles will cool down too much leaving yourself open to injury.

  • People ask me how should I breathe whilst training ?

The simple answer is to inhale as you lower the weight and exhale on raising the weight there is a basic rule I use which is bar up inhale bar down exhale. One thing for sure is never hold your breath, under heavy exertion this can lead to momentarily fainting with possible disastrous consequences.

  • The importance of correct exercise form It is vitally important adopt the correct exercise form.

Firstly to directly put maximum emphasize on the muscles that you are targeting with the exercise and secondly to ensure that your muscles and joints are in the strongest position i.e. the natural movement plane. Ensure at all times that you don’t cheat the exercise by using jerking or swinging movements, use the full range of movement which is much more effective than short range movement in creating your muscle goals.

One of the best illustrated examples of this is the bicep curl. To perform this exercise correctly you start with the barbell in your hands with your arms fully extended then you should raise the barbell keeping your elbows pinned in against your sides and back straight until you reach just under the chin, hold for a second and squeeze those biceps, then lower threw the same arc. I often see incorrect form being used in this exercise, people moving their elbows away from there sides and jerking the barbell up by arcing there backs thereby dramatically increasing the risk of injuries.

For the beginner keep strictly to correct form, there is a place once you enter the advanced stage for cheat reps which we will discuss later in No Pain No Gain.

How do Muscles Grow!

When muscles are subjected to an increase of resistance acting on them i.e. lifting weights they are said to increase in hypertrophy in other words to get larger and stronger. Muscles are made up of thousands of muscle fibers consisting of muscle cells.

When a muscle is subjected to lifting a weight the muscle fibers contract and the muscle cells either contract or don’t contract at all, it is essential to ensure that use maximum weight combined with strict form to ensure all the muscle cells are contract.

For a muscle to grow in size and strength you must continually increase the resistance to which it is being subjected to i.e. increase the weight. The way to put this progression into practice is simply determine a maximum rep number for a given weight say 10 and set yourself a minimum rep number of 8.

Now continually try and increase the number of reps tat you can achieve and when you reach 10 put an extra 2.5 kg on the bar or a weight so you can just manage 8 reps then continue again till you can reach 10 reps then increase the weight. See the example below.


1                             30 kg 8 reps

2                            30 kgs 10 reps

3                            32.5 kgs 8 reps

4                            32.5 kgs 10 reps

5                            35 kgs 8 reps and so on


Beginners Routines

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