How to Build Biceps

How To Build Biceps Fast by Muscleblitz

 How To Build Biceps

Everybody wants to know how to build biceps, we all love biceps. You ask 100 people in the gym, which bodypart they like to train the most and you will find it is the biceps. The bicep is the “show muscle”, how often have you been asked Show us your muscle?

But because of its popularity the majority of people in the gym overtrain the biceps. You need to remember that the bicep muscle is a relatively small muscle in comparison to the leg, back and chest muscles, so a different training approach needs to be adopted.

If you are looking at how to build biceps fast you need to adopt the following 3 exercise combination

1) The barbell bicep curl

This by far one of the best bicep mass builders. Use a shoulder wide grip and squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement and resist as you lower the barbell. Do not be tempted to use an EZ curl bar because this restricts the full contraction of the biceps. Occasionally it is okay to cheat up the last couple of reps.

2) The standing dumbbell bicep curl

Grasp two moderately heavy dumbells, the starting position is with your arms down at your sides, palms facing your hips. Raise the dumbells keeping your elbows pinned in at your side and as you raise past the mid point rotate your wrist so that your palms face upwards and squeeze hard at the top. Lower and resist back to the starting position.

3) The bicep pullup

The final bicep mass building exercise is the pull-up. You will find that you will exert considerable effort in just stabilizing your body from swinging back and forth. This is what makes the pull-up such a great mass builder. This is a difficult exercise but it really works the biceps hard.

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