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How to Gain Muscle Fast

How To Gain Muscle Fast

ben - How to Gain Muscle Fast

Most people that are looking how to gain muscle fast unfortunately fall at the first hurdle. Today I am going to share with you a simple workout tip that can make all the difference in the amount of muscle that you can gain in the shortest time frame possible. This really works believe me, I have been a big follower of Ben Pakulski for quite awhile. For those of you who have not heard of Ben he is one of the top 100 bodybuilders in the world and he is going  share the ONE THING that makes the difference between the guys who never make any progress, and the guys who end up having the most impressive physiques in the gym…

I hope you enjoy the article

The 5 Mechanisms of Hypertrophy

By Ben Pakulski

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Did you know that there are at least 5 different “mechanisms of hypertrophy”?

Meaning that your muscles can grow in any one of these 5 ways, and that you SHOULD be growing in ALL of these ways to maximize your growth and progress.

Most people only ever train for 1 — or maximum 2 — of these mechanisms of hypertrophy, and never really manage to build the type of muscle they’re looking for.

Are you growing as fast as you’d like? I bet you’ve got at least one body part you wish was bigger. (most likely more!)

Im going to teach you how to apply one of the variables for hypertrophy right here within this email, so hang tight.

Weak body parts require strategic variation, manipulated frequency, and knowing how to capitalize on the different variables of hypertrophy to ensure the muscle is getting worked from as many different angles and mechanisms as possible.

Yes, it sounds like it could be complicated — and it certainly IS NOT common knowledge — but that is also why most people (trainers included) never really look like they make progress.

They are only utilizing a FRACTION of their growth potential.

If I write the words: frequency, intensity, density, lactic, tension, and volume

How many of these would you know exactly how to manipulate within a given workout? Or within a given month, even?

You may have an idea for one or two of them, but knowing these factors like the back of your hand will allow you to take control of your growth potential and grab the body of your dreams.

So, you want to be bigger?

What if i told you that manipulating only ONE variable could guarantee your growth for an entire year, if you do it right. AND you could even do the exact same workout each week for 12 months?

That variable is DENSITY!

Knowing how to properly and strategically manipulate density could ensure your body never stagnates to any workout.

Density is simply changing the amount of work done in a given amount of time. More work, in less time is a more dense workout. If you normally do 15 sets in your 40 minute workout, then doing 12 sets in the same amount of time would be a less dense workout.

Learning how to manipulate these variables with precision has taken me a long time. But I’ve gone ahead and packaged ALL of the variables of hypertrophy AND my best tips for mastering each bodypart into one amazing program for those of you looking to make the most of your time, your physique and your LIFE.

No more time sitting around HOPING to build the body of your dreams.  Once you master the 5 mechanisms of hypertrophy, you’ll be able to decide at will how much muscle YOU want to gain.

redarrow - How to Gain Muscle Fast

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Muscle Guru

Having spent the last 33 years weight training I have now decided to turn my attention to helping others achieve their full potential. No matter if you are a complete novice wanting to build muscle fast or an experienced muscle builder looking for that elusive muscle building routine that will promote new muscle growth. The muscle building industry is a mine field and I want to help people that are determined to build muscle naturally.

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