FTC Disclosure – Muscleblitz.com

The following disclosure is our open and honest attempt to follow the FTC’s policy on transparency to you, our visitor and customer.

Throughout the website we provide a number of contextual hyper links, these links take you to affiliate related products.

When you click these hyperlinks and go to the resulting business website, a cookie will be set in your internet browser and if you make a purchase we will receive a small commission which does not effect the price you pay.

This is a legitimate way to monetize and pay for the up keep and time invested to keep this website upto date with good informational resources. We gladly reveal this our affiliate relationships to you.

You may notice that we use a universal strategy of shortened cloaked hyperlinks to conceal the unsightly long affiliate links, which is common practice for appearance and monitoring website statistics

We need to make clear we do not accept any physical products or cash alternatives in turn for testimonials or blog posts and we do not accept payment for adding articles.

Just to reconfirm our posts are influenced by affiliate arrangements. However we only post about products that we trust, we provide our honest opinions, beliefs and experiences.

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