FREE BMR Calculator – Calculate Your BMR Free

FREE BMR Calculator

body - FREE BMR Calculator - Calculate Your BMR Free

What is BMR?

First of all feel free to use our free BMR calculator as often as you like.

BMR stands for your basal metabolic rate and this is defined as the minimum daily amount of calories that are required to sustain essential bodily functions. By essential bodily functions we mean involuntary natural movements which include but are not limited to blood circulation, breathing, body temperature regulation and the nervous system to name a few.

Here is a simple analogy if you were to stay in bed all day and not do any physical activity you would need to eat the number of calories equivalent to the calculated BMR number just in order to maintain normal body functions

To this end your BMR calculator figure does not include the extra calories that are required for physical activity. The BMR calculator can prove extremely valuable in you acheiving your goals whether that be a reduced calorie intake for losing weight or an increase in calorie intake for gaining weight. There are some pre defined and advisable safe BMR limits for both men and women to not go beyond so to ensure they have healthy metabolism and for men this 1600 calories and women 1200 calories.



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