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How To Reduce BodyFat Levels & Build Lean Muscle

Reduce Bodyfat Levels & Build Lean Hard Muscle,

How to Lose Bodyfat & Get Lean & Ripped

Learning how to reduce bodyfat levels can be very difficult and like everything in life you need to be determined to succeed and exhibit discipline. Here are some fundamental fat burning tips to help you on the way to achieving your goals:-

It is essential to ensure you get an adequate protein supply when trying to reduce body fat levels, otherwise you will simply burn up muscle tissue for energy which is defeating the object. The actual protein you intake actually preserves muscle tissue and helps you burn fat faster. It has been proven medically that a high protein diet is twice as effective at burning fat than a high carb diet.


It is a misconception that all fats are bad for you , it is essential to maintain you intake of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which are responsible for enhancing your metabolism and creating a hormone balance. It is imperative that you cut out simple carbohydrates from your diet these include sugar in the form of glucose dextrose and sucrose which are all prevalent in highly processed/ manufactured foods. The reason for avoiding simple carbs is straight forward they create blood sugar fluctuations which effects the bodies insulin levels which in turn leads to easy fat storage. The Carbohydrates to eat in your diet are the fresh vegetables, oats, rice pasta, cereal, potato and seeds but be careful not to over cook the vegetables!.


The bottom line is, reduce the calories you eat and increase your training and you will lose weight guaranteed. Bodyfat is simply the result of either under training or overeating (unless you have a medical condition)


You only need to train 3 times a week but each training session must be intense i.e. maximum of a minute between sets. The maximum workout length should be no longer than 60 minutes. The repetition range will be higher than normal between 14 to 20 reps with a weight that is nearly impossible to achieve 20 reps. It is important to stick to the compound movements i.e. squats, dead lift, bench press. On your non workout days it is important to include some aerobic exercise either jogging or cycling for a session of 30 minutes and the best time to do this exercise is in the morning on an empty stomach


I cannot emphasize enough the importance of drinking plenty of water. This will ensure the body does not dehydrate and would you believe water is an excellent fat burner. You should be drinking 3 litres of water per day before and after training


Finally use a Fat Burning Supplement !!

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