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For your protection I just need you to verify your email address so we can be sure it was YOU who requested the FREE Bicep Workout.

Here’s what I need you to do RIGHT NOW…

Your privacy is VERY important to me so I just sent you an email to your inbox that says…

Subject: “RESPONSE REQUIRED to get your “Bicep Blaster Workout & Testosterone Guide

Unless you open up this email and click on the special “confirmation link”, it will be assumed that it wasn’t you who requested the free bicep blasting workout & testosterone guide.

But once you click on that link, you’ll immediately be taken to the download section to receive all of your downloads.

So please go to your email in-box right now and click on the link in that email I just sent you, ok?

If you DON’T get that email, it’s possible you misspelled your email address in the form on the webpage. If this happens, please contact the Muscleblitz Team Service Center.

Go check your inbox now so you don’t forget, ok?

Yours in muscle,

Dave Welton

The Muscleblitz Team

Muscle Guru

Having spent the last 33 years weight training I have now decided to turn my attention to helping others achieve their full potential. No matter if you are a complete novice wanting to build muscle fast or an experienced muscle builder looking for that elusive muscle building routine that will promote new muscle growth. The muscle building industry is a mine field and I want to help people that are determined to build muscle naturally.

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