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How To Shock Your Chest Muscles Into New Growth

Shock Your Chest Muscles Into New Growth With This Chest Training Routine

One thing you need to know is how to shock your chest muscles into new growth, is this is exactly what this chest training routine is all about.

Do you have a muscle group or area of your body – the arms, shoulders or chest – that chest won’t seem to grow no matter how hard you train?

If so, this highly effective chest training routine will work wonders. It’s called an Ascending Stability Tri-Set. Here’s how it works, to shock those chest muscles.

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build and shock your chest muscles


Shock your chest muscles with this tri-set 

Start off with the incline dumbbell press. Just do 1 set of 5-8 repetitions. Then, without resting, go straight to the barbell bench press, and do another 5-8 repetitions. Make sure to maintain good, strict technique the whole time. Once you’ve finished, move straight to the chest press machine (or Smith machine), and do another 5-8 repetitions.

So, how does this differ from any other tri-set? The reason is simple. When you use dumbbells, other muscles in the upper body have to work extra hard in order to stabilise your joints. In fact, it’s often the case that the muscles stabilising your joints “give out” before your chest. This prevents the chest muscles from being trained completely.

However, when you move to the barbell bench press, this need for the stability is reduced. This lets you push your chest muscles even harder. Even less stabilising work is needed on the chest press machine or Smith machine.

Why tri-sets are so effective 

In other words, as you go from exercise to exercise, progressively less work is needed from muscles acting as stabilisers. That’s why it’s called an Ascending Stability Tri-Set – the stability of each exercise is increased gradually. This allows you to exhaust your chest muscles and develop them to their fullest.

You’ll need to do 4 or 5 sets like this, no more than once every 5-7 days. Otherwise you run the risk of overtraining. Make sure to start off with a light weight as a warm-up, and gradually progress to heavier weights by the third set. The final set should be the hardest set of all.

The only problem with this kind of highly effective chest training routine is that it’s very intense and hard work. If you’re trying to lose fat and you’re eating slightly fewer calories than normal, then it can be hard to find the energy and motivation to train in this way. Long working days and other comittments can quickly sap your energy.

Find the energy to shock your chest muscles

The solution is to take a serving of Viper Extreme before you start training. Most experts agree that Viper Extreme is the most powerful stimulant drink available today. Its unique formula provides you with a powerful mental and physical “kick” just 15-20 minutes after drinking it. It’s a highly effective way to quickly gain strength, fight fatigue and boost flagging energy levels.




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