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Chest Building Tip – How to Build Chest Muscle Fast

Chest Building

bicepsworkout - Chest Building Tip - How to Build Chest Muscle Fast
Chest Building
Here is a great chest building tip for you particularly if you are looking to build chest muscle fast. Yes it is hard but the pump that you get speaks for itself and it works everytime. So at the end of your next chest training workout give this a try and let me know how you get on.
Take a pair of dumbbells that are 50% of a weight that you normally do for 10 full exercise range of motion reps.
For example if you use 100 pound dumbbells for 10 reps on the flat bench, use only 50-pounders.
It is important that you only perform one set at the end of your chest workout…
Begin by pressing the dumbbells into full extension above the chest and then do a static hold for 10 seconds (arms slightly outside of shoulder width so they are not in a resting state), then lower the dumbells to the chest and hold them for a 10 second static stretch (again, ensure there is tension on your pecs and you’re not just taking a breather).
Now immediately press the dumbbells to arms length and repeat the described cycle for a total of 2-4 minutes (most people can hardly make it to one minute).
There is no rest between the timed 10 second cycles and the time it takes to lower and raise the dumbbells does not count as part of the 2-4 minute timing!  Yes, this is nasty.

How to progress this chest building tip to build chest muscle fast

Use 60% of the poundage used in the first workout (30 lbs.) and increase the time under tension to 3-5 minutes. And once that becomes less challenging (it’ll never become easy) finish off a third chest training session use a poundage which will allow for the successful completion of an increased time of 5 to 8 minutes. I won’t lie, 2 minutes destroys my chest and I have a long ways to go to get to 5 to 8 minutes myself.
The 10 Second Timed Flat Dumbbell Bench Press is a tremendous finisher exercise for building the chest
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