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Caffeine Dietary Supplement: Caffeine Improves Muscle Pump

 Why Caffeine Improves Muscle Pump

caffeine dietary supplement - Caffeine Dietary Supplement: Caffeine Improves Muscle PumpMany people under estimate the power of a caffiene dietary supplement. You see by using a caffeine supplement it is a great way of jacking up your training intensity…

  Anyone with a “Java Jones” knows the powerful impact of caffeine for waking you up and increasing mental clarity, right?
And if you’ve been around the lifting game for a while, you also know that caffeine has become a widely used supplement in some of the expensive “name brand” workout formulas.
But most people are simply afraid of adding a caffiene dietary supplement to their workout program because they don’t know HOW to use it.

Here’s How To Safely Supplement With Caffeine…

First, go to your local drug store and look for their generic brand of “No-Doze” or “Stay Alert”.
Typically these supplements contain about 200mg of caffeine, equal to about 2.5 cups of coffee. (Tip: Try to find a tablet that DOESN’T have a coated layer around it.)
About 15 minutes before your workout, crush one tablet between two spoons until it’s in a powder form. Then simply sprinkle it in either a small amount of juice or coffee (if you want a bit more “buzz”).
Most people can safely use about 500mg of caffeine per day and this little jolt of alertness from your pre-workout caffeine dietary supplement will help you train HARDER and LONGER as you get totally PUMPED from the added intensity.





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