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How To Burn Belly Fat During Exercise

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is how to burn belly fat during exercise

Recently I met up with my good friend and fellow muscle building and fat loss expert Jeff Anderson and we talked about the most effective fat loss strategies to speed up your bodies metabolism and carve out those hard ripped abs.

Lets face who doesn’t want a hard six pack.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase Jeff revealed a killer belly fat shredding technique which literally melts away stubborn belly fat while at the same time building a super hard carved six pack.

Jeff’s secret belly fat burning technique works on the principle of alternating an abdominal exercise with low intensity cardio which creates a spot reduction effect on your fat stores around your waist.

As many of you already know like Jeff, I am also a big advocate of low intensity cardio for blasting away that unwanted belly fat from around your waist. 

Belly Fat Burning Workout

  1. Firstly start with a 5 minute low intensity warm-up on either a treadmill, exercise bike or similar to get the blood flowing.
  2. Next, do just one set of weighted crunches to failure.
  3. With no rest do another 10 minutes of low intensity cardio. You can either do an upper body or lower body movement cardio movement. Upper body cardio movements include skipping using a rope or a rowing machine whilst lower body exercises include exercise bike and jogging.
  4. With no rest then do just one set of hanging leg raises keeping your legs straight out in front of you to failure, and then do another cycle of 10 minutes low intensity make sure if you did the lower body cardio previously then revert to the upper body cardio.
  5. Next do a single set twisting hanging leg raises to failure then another 10 minutes of cardio for either the upper or the lower.

Carry on alternating between your abdominal exercise and cardio exercise. The signal you are sending to your body during the cardio phase of the workout is to burn maximum fat from your abdominals. This secret is used by Pros to get that super shredded look prior to competition.

Give it a try and you will be amazed by the results.









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