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How To Build Bigger Biceps – Killer Bicep Exercise

Build Bigger Biceps by Muscleblitz

I am sure just like me you have seen the ego guys in the gym. You know the ones, doing bicep curls with a loaded barbell of heavy plates swinging and straining to get those reps. They are turning a killer exercise into a bicep destroyer.

In order to build bigger biceps you need to be smarter and here is a great exercise to blast those biceps in your next workout.

This is the perfect bicep curl……..

  1. Place the heels of your feet 6 inches away from a wall with your
    back facing the wall.


  2. Press your HEAD, UPPER BACK, TRICEPS, ELBOWS and BACKSIDE up against the wall.

  3. Holding on to a barbell with an UNDERHAND grip, keep your elbows tucked in to your sides.

The Perfect Rep…

  1. Pull your shoulders back and puff out your chest while pulling IN your lower back (away from the wall) to create more of a curve in your spine.


  2. Curl the barbell to the very top of the movement WITHOUT removing ANY of the body parts you have pressed against the wall.

  3. Contract your bicep hard at the top and slowly lower all the way down to the start position to repeat.

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