How to Build Big Triceps

Build Bigger Arms With This Quick Tricep Routine

Quickly Build Bigger Arms With This Quick Tricep Routine

We all want to build bigger arms thats the answer I have received from our latest survey.

The easiest way to build bigger arms is to attack the tricep which makes up two thirds of your arm muscle.

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Here’s a quick triceps routine called “Dirty Thirties” that’s guaranteed to blast your arms to new heights. You begin by laying on your back on a flat bench. Have your training partner hand you a loaded EZ-bar. You’re going to do 10 reps of each of the following without any break. Altogether you’ll be doing three movements of 10 repetitions each which equals one set of 30.

Lying Triceps Extensions
These are also sometimes called Skull Crushers or French Curls. Grab the bar with your hands about a foot apart, palms facing up. With your elbows steady, lower the bar to your head in a controlled manner. Push the bar back up and focus on keeping your elbows and upper arms in a fixed position (there should only be slight movement of the upper arm). The majority of the movement should come in the lower arms.

EZ-Bar Triceps Pullovers
For EZ-Bar pullovers start in the same position as Lying Triceps Extensions (lying on a flat bench with arms straight up and a close grip).

Now, instead of bending the elbows and lowering to the nose or forehead, lower your arms by bringing the bar to your chest, as if you were doing a Close-Grip Bench Press. From there, instead of pressing straight up, bring your arms back and over your head, keeping your hands close to your face on the way by. Extend the arms back and over your head as far as you comfortably can. Keeping your arms locked with the elbows slightly bent, pull the bar back to your chest. Then extend your arms (just like a Bench Press), returning the bar to the starting position.

Close-Grip Bench Press
If you began your set with this movement, the weight you’re using would feel light, but after doing 20 straight, solid reps with the other 2 exercises, even this light weight Close-Grip Bench Press will really pump your triceps. Be sure to keep your elbows close to your body, and use a slow controlled decent on the negative.

Try doing 2-3 sets of “Dirty Thirties” if you’re up to it. Or you can do just one killer set as a great way to finish off your triceps training.

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