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Bicep Blasting Workout for Building Big Biceps

Bicep Blasting Workout for Building Big Biceps!

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Have you tried everything short of fitting a valve to those biceps and blowing them up with a pump to get them to grow?

Well, the good news is forget the valve this awesome two step bicep blasting technique works literally blasts those biceps into new growth, so give it a try in your next bicep workout. This is an advanced mass building workout which will produce serious results

Here’s how this awesome bicep building technique  works…

1.  For this exercise, we’re going to use the Dumbbell Hammer Curl since it has a great reputation for adding more mass to the “belly” of your biceps

2.  With a dumbbell in each hand and palms facing in toward your body, quickly “curl” one weight at a time until the dumbbell touches your shoulder, trying to get your forearm as close to your bicep as possible for a good “squeeeeeeeze”.

3.  Slowly lower the weight to full extension at the “bottom” position.

4.  Aim for hitting musclular failure at around 8 repetitions (only working one arm at a time).

5.  After your last rep, use your body momentum to “cheat” the dumbbell back up to the “top” position.

6.  Try to fight the weight all the way down (the “negative” phase of the repetition) for this last repetition and aim for a 30-60
SECOND descent!

That’s right…30-60 SECONDS!

Why it works:

This “Super Negative” is a “Type 2” muscle fiber blaster…the most overlooked fiber type for guys with “skinny arms”.

By stimulating your “2’s”, you’ll stimulate more growth by shocking your bi’s with a new approach that will give them no choice but to GROW!

In fact, this technique works so well that I use an advanced version of it in the  “Mi40x Mass Building” training program that I follow, see the program for your yourself, but warned you will build serious muscle mass fast! Click Here For the Mi40x Review 

Give this one a try…and try not to curse me too much the next day when you can’t raise your arms!!


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