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How to get a bigger bench press

Simple way to improve your bench press

Here is a simple but highly effective tip you can use straightaway to get a bigger bench press.

When you’re blasting out those reps on the bench, whether it’s incline/decline, barbell or dumbbells, this simple technique is one of the easiest ways to improve your bench press and add inches of muscle to your chest.

Originally used by powerlifters to help them bench press more weight in the gym.

Now this technique may seem like cheating to you but it is extremely effective for building strength in the bench press resulting in greater muscle gain

How do you do it?

Its so simple you need to decrease your bench press range of motion

Now usually, I’m a big fan of making sure you go through a full range of motion.

However, for the bench press, it is so easy to exhaust your shoulders and triceps first before hitting the chest hard

It makes it especially difficult for tall, skinny “hardgainers” with longer arms.

By decreasing your range of motion on the bench press, you’re able to transfer more of the weight to your chest muscle whilst pushing more weight.

3 Easy Ways To Use This Trick To Get a Bigger Bench Press:

First, use a wider grip on the bar. The reason being is that with a wider grip the range of motion is smaller.

The trick here is to start out with your small finger on the knurling of the bar, than eventually move so that your pointer finger is on the ring of the bar.

It is best too not make too big a jump at once, because while this does decrease your range of motion, it’s also going to transfer more weight to your shoulders as well.

I would suggest moving out one finger at a time over a period of a month

Right to start the bench press you are going to want to retract your shoulder blades so that at the end of the movement you pull your shoulders back and bring your scapulas together.

This will reduce several inches from the range of motion and keeps your body tight.

Finally, arch your back.

Ensure that your shoulders, head and backside keep contact with the bench, keeping that arch in your lower back.

This brings your chest closer to the bar on the lowering phase reducing the range of motion

Use this simple bench press technique and you will see a massive improvement in your bench press weights

This bench press technique is mega effective when using the decline press instead of the flat bench as due to the decrease in the range of motion greater emphasis is put on the chest muscles.

A word of advice you may need to lower the weight initially and you will soon find as you get use to it the weight will shoot up

Combine this bench press technique with a strength supplement stack for incredible gains in strength and size.

strengthstack - How to get a bigger bench press


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