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Best Superset Workout Routine For Mass

Superset workouts For Men

Which is the best superset workout routine for mass?

Hey guys, I often get asked “What is the best superset workout routine for mass”. Well first of all today’s article we’ll be talking all about supersets, in particular what they are and should you be doing them and what are the pros and cons.

Go to any gym nowadays and you will see muscle heads doing full body superset workout purely for the sake of it because they have read an article in a glossy magazine praising there benefits.

So I think a lot of people just need to be educated a bit more on the topic and then you can really understand whether or not you should be implementing superset workouts into your routine.

So first of all I’m going to take you through the different types of superset routines which you can be doing along with the different pros and cons associated with each.

1) The Pre- exhaust superset workout
The pre-exhaust superset method is where you typically do an isolation movement first and then you do a compound movement. Let’s say I’m a rookie gym goer okay. I don’t have these exercises nailed and I’ve only been training for a couple of month’s right. Imagine I’m going to do the isolation movement first so I could do dumbbell fly’s do however many repetitions I want to do but I’m pretty much reached failure let’s say for example on the tenth rep. Now I sit back and I go into the barbell press what’s going to happen alright my chest is so exhausted that you’re just going to be pressing with triceps and shoulders. There is going to minimal chest engagement with most of the work being done by the delts and you’re going to be causing havoc on your joints so generally it is not going to be a good idea.

2) The post exhaust superset workout
Now the post exhaust superset is the opposite of the pre-exhaust and in my opinion is more beneficial for the majority of people out there particularly if you’re not so great at executing chest exercises.

So in this example you would do the barbell press first and then you’d superset that with dumbbell fly’s. So the advantage is that you are doing a heavy compound exercise for your chest first while you are fresh and focussed and then go straight into dumbbell fly’s to pump up the chest to failure.

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3) The compound superset workout
In my honest opinion it probably isn’t going to be a good one to be doing. So let’s say sticking with chest as an example you start with flat bench press before moving onto the incline press. What’s going to happen alright they might do the flat bench press and absolutely nail the execution of the exercise however when it comes to doing the tenth rep their chest is frazzled so then they come to doing the incline press what’s going to happen the chest. The delts and triceps are going to take the majority of the tension and the form is just going to be poor you are really not going to be engaging much of your upper chest at all.

Another example of a compound superset going potentially wrong could be say for example if you’re going to do a pull-up superset with a bent over row. Okay those two compound movements are pretty taxing so imagine you do a pull-up you’re trying to focus on hitting your lats as much as possible. You do the desired number of repetitions to failure your back is pretty done in right now imagine you go straight into bent over row. First of all you’re going to be out of breath your lats are going to be fatigued so what’s going to happen for most people out there is they’re going to over engage with their biceps. They’re going to end up pulling and not really retracting the shoulder the way they should be to squeeze the lats at the top of the range. Being out of breath and engaging the biceps and also exhibiting poor form with an arched back is a recipe for disaster. So the only thing you will achieve is a bicep pump and a hurting back.

4) The isolation superset workout
In my opinion I think this one’s pretty good okay but only if you have each exercise nailed. One particular advantage which I find when doing two isolation exercises is where you can overload different points in the movement. You can overload the muscle in the shortened range and in the length range.

So for a good example, sticking with the chest will be hitting the chest twice but using two different exercises to hit different parts of the strength curve. So using the cable crossover just overload the shortened range that’s just the top half of the repetition for eight to ten repetitions. Then move onto incline or flat dumbbell fly’s to work the shortened range. This time you’re just going to be working the bottom half of the movement go to failure.

5) The antagonistic superset workout program
The antagonistic superset workout program is what I consider the best superset workout for mass. This is where you work two opposing muscle groups so you could be doing a push superset with a pull. One of the most popular is a bicep superset with a tricep and maybe one of the best ones you can do because each time you do the exercise that muscle group is relatively fresh.

Right so if you did a bicep exercise to failure and then you go on to a triceps exercise the tricep is going to be fresh. One of the biggest benefits of doing this is you can fit a hell of a lot more into a training session.

So I also just want to run you through a couple of other super sets which some people might be doing which in my opinion you just straight-up should not be doing. The reason I say this is because I see them placing a lot of stress or compression on their spine. So let’s say for example you did a barbell back squat and you superset with a Romanian deadlift. Realistically that’s just not a good idea because if you do a barbell back squat obviously this is going to be working your lower body and taxing your lower back. If you’re lower back is fatigued and then you go into doing a deadlift it’s just a recipe for disaster. You are not going to be able to keep tight form a neutral spine and you’re probably going to injure yourself.

Since we’re on the topic of big compound movements I would honestly just leave them as their own separate exercise. Every time I do a big compound movement whether it be a barbell bench press, deadlift or squat after I’ve done it and given it everything I am destroyed and need a rest. So it wouldn’t make any sense for me to do a squat and then go straight into a deadlift as it is a recipe for disaster.

So if you are a beginner and you have just got into a training routine or you’ve only been training for six months you don’t really need to be doing supersets. It is more important to place your muscles under a greater level of stress to see results.

However to step up the intensity for intermediate and advanced muscle builders the antagonistic superset workout program is a good tool for overloading the muscles particularly if you are short on time.

Bear in mind if you are focussing on out and out strength it is best to leave exercises as individual exercises and allow yourself adequate recovery.

One final note on supersets just coming from my training experience I remember when I was introduced to the concept of supersetting exercises. I used to do them all the time used to try and superset everything to do as much volume as possible in a session because I thought doing more was better. But it’s not the case and it is easy to overtrain and lose exercise focus.
So now I will often do them if I’m short on time or if it’s an arm routine I do find doing a bicep tricep superset is particularly effective.

Bottom Line
The best superset workout routine for mass is the antagonistic superset workout period! For crazy muscle gain try the antagonistic superset workout with a highly effective muscle building supplement stacks to freaky muscle fast



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