Best Bicep Workout For Men

Best Bicep Workout For Men

bicepsworkout - Best Bicep Workout For Men

I often get asked “What is the best bicep workout for men?”. Well you only need to do a quick search on the internet and you will see a plethora of so called bicep workouts designed specifically to cater for those wishing to build impressive biceps but just how effective are these bicep workouts!!.

By far the most effective and what I consider to be the very best bicep workout for men utilizes a revolutionary new principle called CEP training. This revolutionary new way of training your biceps produces both dramatic results in both arm muscle pump and permanent bicep muscle size. In case you are wondering, CEP training is the most effective way to build all over muscle mass not just for the arms giving extremely dramatic results you can read more about CEP training right here. CEP stands for cell expansion protocol and it is a specific way of working out that targets every cell in your muscle fibres to expand and grow larger in the shortest time possible.

Let’s take a look at a specific CEP training principle for building the biceps using incline bench dumbells. You can checkout the video to see exactly how the exercise is performed. You are going to perform 3 drop sets so it is important to have three sets of consecutively lighter dumbells ready and available

  • It is very important to ensure you get the angle of the bench and the body position right to execute this bicep workout.
  • Set the incline bench to a 60 degree angle and grab two dumbells with a palms forward grip.
  • It is important to keep your abs tight as you perform the exercise and your shoulders back
  • From the stretched starting position curl the dumbells to shoulder height and squeeze hard at the top for a second
  • Lower the dumbells so to get a full contraction in the triceps at the bottom this ensures that the biceps are fully stretched
  • Perform 8 reps using this strict form
  • On your last rep stop at the bottom and ensure you have a secure solid grip on the dumbells and contract and squeeze the triceps hard for at least 20 seconds. Focus hard on contracting the triceps this forces addition blood supply to the arm muscles.
  • Without no rest grab a lighter set of dumbells and perform the same protocol of 8 controlled reps with full contration of the triceps at the bottom
  • On the last rep again squeeze the triceps hard for 20 seconds with a secure grip on the dumbells.
  • Again without rest grab a lighter set of dumbells and perform the same sequence of reps again followed with the tricep squeezes for 20 seconds. But this time to finish after the tricep squeezes do one further rep of the bicep dumbell curl and squeeze at the top and your done.

This best bicep workout for men will give you an awesome bicep pump and a dramatic increase in bicep size in a short length of time.

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picben - Best Bicep Workout For Men

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