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Best Bicep Exercises For Building Bicep Muscle Mass

Best Bicep Exercises for Bicep Mass

bicepsworkout - Best Bicep Exercises For Building Bicep Muscle Mass

Ask anyone in the gym what there favourite muscle to train is and my money is on biceps.

Hit those biceps hard with the right combination of exercises and you can get an amazing muscle pump. The question is which are the best bicep exercises for bicep mass.
Take a close watch in the gym and you will see that everyone has a different take on what builds powerful arms but the long and short of it is stick to the basics with just some special tweaks.

1 / Barbell Curls

The first bicep exercise is a staple which I would bet everyone in the gym has tried but the important part is the exercise form. The good thing about bicep curls is that you can vary the width of the grip to hit all the different areas of the biceps.

You do have the option of the straight bar or an EZ bar, I find the straight bar is more effective.

Take a shoulder width grip on the barbell with your feet a similar distance apart. Keep your elbows close in to your sides, curl the bar up towards your chin using only a small amount of momentum keeping your elbows pinned at your side. At the top of the movement squeeze the biceps hard for 2 seconds then lower the barbell through the same range of motion resisting as you do so.
in the same place at all times. Bring the weight down through the same range of motion that it was curled in.

2 / Bicep Dumbbell Curls
The dumbbell curl is an essential bicep exercise for fully developing the full bicep muscle. Unlike barbell curls with dumbbells you can suplinate the wrist to hit the biceps hard

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lean slightly forward dumbbells at your side palms facing inward towards the hips. Curl the dumbbells up using bicep power keeping your elbows pinned at your side as you get halfway up rotate the dumbbells so that your palms face upward and squeeze at the top of the movement for a couple of seconds. Lower the dumbbells using the same technique.

3 / Bicep Incline Curls
This is a great bicep exercise which gives a full stretch. Select an incline bench set at 60 degrees. Grasp the dumbbells again with the arms extended palms facing inward. Curl one dumbbell at a time keeping the elbow stationary, rotate the palms at the centre position so that the palm faces upwards at the top of the movement and squeeze for a second before lowering in the same pattern. Curl the other dumbbell in exactly the same fashion.

4 / Bicep Concentration Curls

This is a great bicep finishing exercise, bare in mind that you will not be able to use a heavy weight. Sit on the end of a flat bench. Lean forward and grasp a dumbbell between your feet. Place back of upper arm to inner thigh. Raise dumbbell to front of shoulder and squeeze at the top for a count of one second. Lower dumbbell until arm is fully extended and repeat for 12 to 15 reps then work the other arm for the same number of reps.
Give these four best exercises for bicep mass a try in your next workout and feel the pump.

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