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Leg Workout For Building Leg Muscle Fast

Leg Workout: Workout For Building Leg Muscle

The Essential Warm-up

Warming up prior to every leg workout weight training session is an absolute must and should never be missed. The warming up phase increases blood circulation and gently prepares and stretches the muscles tendons and ligaments in a controlled fashion prior to the main body of the workout. All of this means that once you have warmed up your muscles you will be able to lift heavier weights than from cold without the risk of injuries. Summer is coming and the shorts will be coming out so lets get started and get those sweeping thighs!!

The Leg Workout

  • Squats
    This is probably the most beneficial exercise for the whole of the body. Intense stress is imparted on the thighs, quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings. So do not miss this exercise. Start with a barbell loaded with moderately heavy weight on squat racks. Bend your legs and dip under the bar so that the bar rests on the back of your neck with your hands shoulder width apart. Now straighten your legs with the effect of pushing up the bar and steadily take a step back so that you are clear of the racks. Place your feet shoulder width apart with your feet slightly angled outwards.It is important that through the course of the exercise you keep your head up and focus at a spot on the wall at eye level throughout.Slowly lower the weight by bending your knees out over your toes keeping your back straight as you do so, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor then without bouncing or jerking return to the upright position. Do 5 sets of squats per leg workout building up the weights as you do.


  • Leg Presses
    Very similar top squats in the fact that this exercise places intense stress on the thighs, quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings. You can perform this exercise on a flat leg press or an angled press both give excellent results. Sit on the leg press with your arms grasping the support levers, place your feet flat on the lifting pad ankles 12v inches apart toes facing slightly outward. Now press with your legs raising the sliding platform until your legs are straight and rotate in the stop bars of the machine. In a controlled fashion lower the sliding platform by bending the knees resisting the weight on the way down and without bouncing return to the starting position with your legs straight. Perform 4 sets again increasing the weight each time.


  • Leg Extensions
    This is an excellent isolation exercise for the quadriceps, ideal for burning in those deep cuts. Sit on the leg extension machine select a reasonably light weight to begin with. Hook your feet under the bottom set of pads if the machine has two, and firmly hold the bench with your arms. Using your quad power raise the weight slowly by straightening your legs do not jerk, bounce or swing your body back use a controlled movement. When your legs are straight tense the quads for a complete second then lower the weight again in a controlled fashion. Perform 3 sets of this exercise increasing the weight each time.


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