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How To Build Big Biceps & Build Big Triceps With My Big Bicep Workout

Build Big Biceps & Build Big Triceps

When looking to build big biceps and big triceps it is vitally important to warm up by stretching the arm muscle before starting your arm workout. If you want to build big biceps and build big triceps NEVER over train the arms, always remember the arm muscles are small compared to the major muscles i.e. legs and chest. Strict form is essential, no jerking or swinging movements, concentrate on the arm muscles.

Do not exceed more than 6 sets on the biceps and triceps and keep the reps within the range of 8 to 12, increasing the weight each time for maximum results.

Lets build big biceps and build big triceps, now!!!

Big Bicep Exercises

Exercise 1 21`s
This exercise will give an incredible bicep pump.
Start with a lightly loaded barbell arms fully extended downwards. Raise the barbell to waist height slowly and hold for 1 second, then lower to the starting point. Repeat this seven times, on the final rep hold the barbell at waist height then raise the barbell to just below the chin hold for 1 second then lower to waist height repeat this 7 times. On the final rep lower the barbell all the way down to arms fully extended then raise the barbell all the way to just under the chin and repeat for 7 reps. This exercise will blow your mind, do 3 sets but be careful you will have to throw away all your long sleeve shirts or cut off the arms!!.

Exercise 2 Hammer Curls
Lay on a 30 degree inclined bench, use a pair of moderately weighted dumbbells heavy enough so as you can just manage 10 reps with full effort. Extend your arms fully down and rotate the dumbells so that your knuckles are facing forward. Slowly raise and rotate the dumbells, as you get to the mid position rotate the dumbells so that your palms are facing upward. Raise the dumbells fully and hold for a second then lower to the starting position and repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

Big Tricep Exercises

Now to build big triceps, lets get those big triceps

Exercise 1 Close Grip Bench
Lay flat on a bench and use a narrow grip (12 inches apart) on a moderately weighted barbell. Lift the barbell off the stands to full arm extension slowly lower the barbell to your chest then press the barbell to full arm extension tensing the triceps as you do so. Repeat this for 8 to 10 reps and for 3 sets.

Exercise 2 EZ Triceps Extensions
16fb6ea0 - How To Build Big Biceps & Build Big Triceps With My Big Bicep Workout
Lay on a flat bench and grasp a moderately weighted EZ bar. Use a narrow grip and push the bar to full extension above your chest. Keeping your elbows stationery lower the bar until it touches the brow of your head. Then keeping your elbows as close together as possible press the bar back to the starting position and repeat 8 to 10 times for 3 sets increasing the weight each time.
Feel the tricep pump!


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davebefore - How To Build Big Biceps & Build Big Triceps With My Big Bicep Workout   muscle - How To Build Big Biceps & Build Big Triceps With My Big Bicep Workout

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