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With over 33 years of experience in muscle building and bodybuilding nutrition, I have now decided to turn my attention to helping others achieve their muscle building goals.

Seeking useful and effective muscle building information on the internet is like negotiating a minefield, nothing comes close to experience and this is where our Muscleblitz team comes into its own.

Muscleblitz is run by muscle building enthusiasts all dedicated to helping you build muscle in the fastest time possible. We don’t hide behind desks pushing pens or pretending to be experts, we are out there training hardcore, most days of the week, we eat, sleep and breathe muscle building.

So If you are looking for that serious no bullsh#t muscle building workout and muscle building advice you have certainly come to the right place. As you can see we don’t do massive and we don’t do drugs but what we do is provide the very latest and effective muscle building workouts that work and build muscle fast!!

We provide the most comprehensive muscle building supplement facts for all ages and experience levels.

It does not matter if you are over weight, have excess belly fat, male or female, you can achieve your body-fat goals and gain your self confidence and self esteem. Your overall health will be drastically improved. My Muscleblitz website is designed to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. If you have any questions or queries please go to the contact page 


David Welton

Founder of :  Workout Routines for Men – How to build muscles fast!




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